How To Travel To Cuba Legally

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Misconceptions and skepticism about traveling to Cuba have risen as a result of the Trump administration’s changes to CACR (Cuban Assets Control and Regulation). Due to the exaggeration of the most recent changes, a number of tourists have decided not to book flights or travel plans to Cuba. However, the amendments ratified on November 8, 2017, were relatively minor. In point of fact, the most significant modifications are merely partisan: helping Cuban businesspeople by doing business with them, ignoring some businesses that are owned by or involved with the military, and connecting through cultural exchange.

The most important thing to remember is that these amendments do not result in a travel veto to Cuba; rather, the requirements for your travel purpose may have been modified. As a result, legal travel to Cuba is still an option for a number of tourists, including Americans.

Different options for legal travel to Cuba

There are a number of agencies that offer a variety of options for legal travel to Cuba.

Custom Tours:Some of these agencies offer custom and private tours that meet the requirements of either SCP (Support for the Cuban People) or P2P (People-to-People Travel). Custom Tours You can choose the date and itinerary for these trips.

SCP Tours: These private group tours of Cuba are designed specifically to comply with the General License category for SCPs. Most of the time, they use privately owned hotels and restaurants, and they offer a wide range of fun activities that work with this license. Along with the veteran Cuban guides, numerous meals, gratuities, and upgraded accommodations, these kinds of tours also include document support to comply with the license. With these tours, you won’t have to worry about making your own legally compliant itinerary, and you’ll have a fun and authentic Cuban vacation.
Other Services and Tours: Some travel companies offer Basic Group Tours, which include transportation, a guide, and lodging, for tourists who want to plan their own leisure activities. Except for the activities and meals, which you will be responsible for paying for on your own, the accommodations meet the requirements for Legal Travel to Cuba from the United States. Additionally, you are responsible for selecting only activities and restaurants that comply with the travel regulations. However, because the best Cuban restaurants are privately owned, it’s best to follow the rules regarding meals. However, for the activities, you will need to choose ones that show interaction between people of different cultures and social groups. On such basic group tours, the staff and guide at some agencies do not provide additional support to assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.

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