5 Strange Cases of Accused Animal Spies

  1. The beer-drinking squirrel: In 2019, a squirrel in Florida was caught on camera stealing a can of beer from a beachgoer’s cooler and drinking it. The squirrel was reportedly unphased by the alcohol and even went back for a second can.
  2. The kleptomaniac seagull: In 2020, a seagull in Scotland became known as the “Craigmillar klepto” after it was caught stealing snacks from a local store. The bird would swoop down and grab bags of chips or chocolate bars before flying away.
  3. The cat burglar: In 2014, a cat in New Zealand became known as the “cat burglar” after it was caught stealing items from its neighbors’ homes. The cat’s owner eventually had to start returning the stolen items, including gloves, underwear, and even a toy dinosaur.
  4. The vandalizing beaver: In 2021, a beaver in Canada was caught on camera causing damage to a local store’s Christmas display. The beaver chewed through decorations and even dragged a large tree across the parking lot.
  5. The drug-dealing parrot: In 2010, a parrot in Colombia was detained after it was discovered repeating phrases such as “run, run, you’re going to get caught” in Spanish. Authorities suspected the bird was trained to alert drug dealers of police raids.
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